What Is Malware? Is IT Dangerous? How it work?

What Is Malware? Is IT Dangerous? How it work?

Malware is malicious software created by cyber hackers to earn huge amount of money by some deceptive or tricky ways. Malware can damage compromised machine, steal data and cause chaos. Security researchers classified malware into several types such as Trojan, Ransomware, Adware, Browser Hijackers, Redirect Scam etc.



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Trojan is newly found as system virus detected as Trojan Virus. This vicious computer malware is a very big risk for all Windows OS computers system. It can smoothly insert your PC without your knowing and perform severe damaging activities in your machine. It can also block your anti-virus software and windows firewall program to stay safe for a long time in to your PC. It can slow down your system speed and causes sluggish performance. You will detect it very difficult to do any task on your system. Most of the system programs will keep freezing and often fail to work. Trojan will totally degrade your system speed and leads to serious problems.

Trojan virus can steal your sensitive and important data without your knowing and send to cyber criminals. It can also collect your banking details, ATM pin number, credit or debit card credentials, IP address, user names, PAN card number, passwords and many more. It can share your secret information with cyber and leads to major identity theft. Your details can get used by cyber criminals for illegal activities. Trojan can also permanently delete your useful files and corrupt important software. It can leads to major data loss if you will not remove this infection completely from your PC.

Intrusion of Trojan Virus

Trojan virus can get on your computer through several ways. It can alter your entire system security bundled with free third party installation. You can also get this malicious malware on your machine when you visit to malicious, torrent or pornographic websites. This notorious virus can also enter your computer system when you share files on unsafe peer 2 peer network file sharing websites or use drive by download websites. Trojan can also get spread through spam email attachments and contaminated USB drives.

Risk Associated With Trojan Virus

This risky malware is a malicious PC infection that can do serious damage. It can cause various assaults on the compromised PC that can result into slow and sluggish system. Some of the major risk associated with this malware are :-

  • It can infect your PC silently.
  • It can slow down your system speed and degrade performance.
  • IT will Steal your important and confidential information.
  • It will Collect your banking and money transaction details.
  • IT will share your information with hackers.
  • It can disable your anti-virus and make your PC more vulnerable.
  • Corrupt your application and delete your important files.
  • It will virus also create backdoor on your machine.
  • It can also hackers to remotely access your computer.
  • Trojan can also bring other harmful threats and viruses on your PC.


Ransomware is another very harmful and dangerous crypto malware. It is a deadly malware infection that can attack all Windows based computers. This notorious file encrypting virus may enter your computer without your knowledge and lock down all your files. This perilous threat uses very advanced and dangerous encryption algorithm to lock your files. It is very unfortunate to say that currently there no technique available to decrypt files infected by this dubious threat. This perilous computer infection is able to encrypt all kind of system files like pictures, videos, music, MS office files, PDF, Text, HTML, Pst and many other files. Once encrypting your files, it can also change the extension of your locked files. Ransomware virus will also change the desktop background with a ransom note wallpaper. It also leave a ransom note in TEXT or HTML format on the infected computer to describe the method to pay the ransom money.

Ransomware virus demand the ransom money from users to unlock their data. It also threats users that if they don’t pay the fine on given time, then their files will get deleted permanently. The main purpose of this notorious threat is to create havoc among the users. It has been created by hackers to cheat money from innocent users by taking their files on hostage. It is widely getting distributed through bundled free third party programs and spam emails. You must be careful while downloading any email attachment. Never open any attachment on your system before scanning it via a powerful malware scanner. Ransomware is not intended to decrypt your files even after paying the ransom money. So don’t get fooled and never pay money to hackers. Instead you must look for any alternate method to delete this infection from your computer. you can also delete all your infected files and then recover it after using a free data recovery software. So don’t waste your time and follow this guide to remove Ransomware virus easily and completely from your system.


Hi there, I am an independent malware researcher. Today I am assisting all Windows PC users to deal with Adware virus. Well, to know more about this threat I go through several case study and the research has cleared one thing for sure that this threat is potentially harmful. Anyone using Windows OS computers is in radar of this very threat. From last few days the attacks of Adware virus has increased significantly regardless the country region. It has been distributed all around the world. There is no doubt that this very threat is another roguish creation of professional hackers.

Basically, Adware is an online scam played by hackers in order to earn quick profit by tricking users with several tempting but fake sponsored adverts. It will show several deals and discount offers that may attract you but clicking that link you will download various other viruses in your system unknowingly. It modify browser settings so that it can easily run all its malicious activities in infected computer. You must let this threat to stay in your system for a long time or else you will find yourself in a very helpless kind of scenario. Hence, if you don’t want to witness such viscous troubles on your computer then you should remove Adware virus without making any further delay.

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