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Joker Malware : Google Removes 23 More Apps From Play Store

Cyber criminals launched a new android malware by the name of joker malware, but google has currently remove this nasty android malware and other 23 applications that have been detected as the supporter of Joker malware from google play store.

As we all know that cyber criminals are threat for our society, they can do any malicious thing to full fill their need. Recently the cyber hackers launched a new malware for android users and they have also launched other many nasty applications to help introduce joker malware as useful application. Despite several security expedient that the play store has in place to stop all the nasty and dangerous applications from getting avowed and uploaded to it, cyber criminals constantly try to find a new path to get malicious application inside the google paly store and from play store to users smart handsets. Undoudetly, Joker Malware is the biggest example of this the hackers launched this malware since 2017 and still this nasty android malware is trying to infiltrate the Google play store. This nasty Joker Malware always present itself as legitimate application, actually this malware is used to perform online billing frauds, monetarized by hackers. once uses installed this cunning joker Malware on their android mobile then hackers will purchase and pay high amount of bill from your account through Wireless Application Protocol (WAP) without your knowledge and secretly empty your bank account.

so this is on you how you manage this type of malicious program, but if you want to keep safe your money from cyber hackers then never install any unknown or unprotected app or cracked app. if you want to install any application on your android mobile the always install from google play store.

The 23 application that currently carry the nasty Joker Malware

Although, Google has decided to remove all the nasty and malicious application from the google play store, reports say that there has already been an approximate total of 200, 000 downloads (collectively) of the nasty apps. Users are, therefore, strongly suggested to remove any of the following applications from their android mobile As Soon As Possible (ASAP) if they currently have them:–

Joker Malware

Google Removes 23 Apps From Play Store

  1. Convenient Scanner 2
  2. Separate Doc Scanner
  3. Safety AppLock
  4. Push Message-Texting&SMS
  5. Emoji Wallpaper
  6. Fingertip GameBox
  7. All Good PDF Scanner
  8. Mint Leaf Message-Your Private Message
  9. Unique Keyboard – Fancy Fonts & Free Emoticons
  10. Tangram App Lock
  11. Direct Messenger
  12. Private SMS
  13. One Sentence Translator – Multifunctional Translator
  14. Style Photo Collage
  15. Meticulous Scanner
  16. Desire Translate
  17. Talent Photo Editor – Blur focus
  18. Care Message
  19. Part Message
  20. Paper Doc Scanner
  21. Blue Scanner
  22. Hummingbird PDF Converter – Photo to PDF
  23. All Good PDF Scanner

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