How To Start Your PC In Safe Mode

How To Start Your PC In Safe Mode

This page only aims to help you to remove Malware successfully from your system.

Malware Removal Report

Malware is hazardous computer infection created by nasty group of cyber hackers. At the present scenario, malware became a very big or profitable business for the criminals, it infected millions of computer system and made the all machine completely useless. i want to tell you again that commonly Malware is programmed by  cyber crooks for earn money by deceptive ways. This nasty virus insert into your system through many illusive ways but here we mention some ways so please take look :- by spam junk email attachments, P2P network file sharing, social media, porn movies, free applications, torrent websites, bogus update etc. so must be careful.

Safe Mode

Once Malware sneak into your machine it will make several unwanted modification into your system such as at first it will block your all windows security program even your working anti-virus program and then modify or destroy your windows registry editor to stay safe for long time into your system and silently allow the cyber hacker to run your computer system by there own way. Guys be careful coz if you don’t remove this malicious Malware quickly from your machine then it will also steal your all secret, sensitive and useful data such as banking details, ATM secret pin number, PAN card number, IP address, your Passport details, your personal images, sensitive videos, Facebook account and your Gmail id login/password and many mores without your any concern and silently delivered them to the cyber criminals. So if you don’t want to lose your data then you must should remove Malicious Malware completely from your computer system as soon as you detect. Here Our team provide you 100% effective Malware Removal Guide that will help you to remove this malicious Malware completely from your system.

More Very Big Problems From Malware

  1. It takes up high system resources and strikingly slows down your entire system speed.
  2. Your web-browser homepage and favorite web-search engine like Google Chrome, Yahoo Searches are changed without your knowing.
  3. It damages the all system files to crash down your computing machine constantly.
  4. It can must be used to deploy annoying pop up ads to interrupt your internet surfing.
  5. It will alters your web-browser to force you to visit malicious and filthy websites filled with online scam advertisements.
  6. It will also steal your secret & useful data without your concern.
  7. It will also modify or destroy windows registry editor and give you severe system malfunctions.
  8. it will disable your all system security program even your old anti-virus application.

Start Your PC In Safe Mode Successfully

  • First of all click “Windows keys” and “R” Button together to open Run Box.

Safe Mode

  • Then type “msconfig” and hit OK button.

Safe Mode

  • Now System Configuration box will get opened on your screen.

Safe Mode

  • Finally go to the Boot tab, choose Safe Mode and hit OK.

Safe Mode

How To Remove Malware From Registry Editor (Virus Removal Guide)


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