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First Lady Patient Dies In German Hospital Just Because of Ransomware Attack

First Lady Patient Dies In German Hospital Just Because of Ransomware Attack

On September 10, 2020, the German University Hospital Düsseldorf underwent a malicious ransomware attack that silently hit its network and more than 30 internal servers. Maybe the very big side effects of this was the first death has done just because of this nasty ransomware attack.

The attack was directly connected to penetrability in very popular commercial software program officially said by the hospital HI command

The investigator deeply investigate to know deep about what was exactly happened, they found that the origin of the real problem was cyber attack by the evil group of cyber hackers attack on a week point in widely used commercial add-on software and its really terrible because it’s still not identified. The result is, computer systems quiet crashed and the hospital wasn’t capable to access the data, all the emergency patients were finally taken else where and worsen than worst is all the operations was postponed.

Ransomware Attack

You will be surprised to know that, ZDNet finally records that in very short period of after the ransomware attack, the cyber security agency of Germany recalled the hi-level danger of the CVE-2019-19871 penetrability retraced in all the citric products last year. and once again You will be surprised to know that this bug is considered as on of the favorite entry point for all kind of malicious malware attacks.

The Nasty Ransomware Virus Attack took life of a innocent lady

The nasty Ransomware Virus attack on German hospital was the main reason for an filthy unplanned downtime in emergency services which might be the reason of innocent lady patient death. Due to the lack of necessary emergency services, lady patient was being quickly transferred to the another hospital reportedly 19 miles away the current hospital for important emergency treatment.

The Düsseldorf German hospital was not capable that time just because of nasty Ransomware virus attack to give her important emergency facilities. The German authorities have finally launched the complete investigating regarding the death of a innocent lady patient who could have been saved otherwise. It was really very descanting, how a computer virus took a human life?

In 2017, a major cyber attack (wannaCry) has done and shutted-down all the major and famous hospital system. Mainly WannaCry Ransomware attack had done in United Kingdom’s National Health Service. But there are no doubt that it was only a matter of time because that time no death were directly or indirectly linked to that nasty WannaCry Ransomware attack.

But this time neither the German police are aware of this nasty ransomware attack nor the cyber security company of Germany that people are hiding behind this malicious ransomware attack attack, what was their motive for this attack, what do they want?

But there is no need to be destitute because the German police have claimed that they will not leave the criminals under any circumstances, they will definitely catch the cyber criminals and get them punished.

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